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by James at 6:10 AM
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Hey folks,

As they say, all good things must come to an end.

I've spent just over a year and a half at UnionMC - and it's been absolutely fantastic. We've been through resets, Union achievements, and so much more. It's been great.
Unfortunately, I'm making the decision to step down. From today onwards, I will no longer be UnionMC's Manager.
I'm moving on, still in Minecraft -- so you'll hopefully still see me around (if you do say hi!).

I wish you all the best, and I hope you all enjoy the new reset @Aaron's planned.
And I want to give a massive thank you to @Aaron, the entire staff team (past and present) and of course -- the players. You've all been great, and I've loved working with all of you.

I'll be on Discord if you want to chat if you've got any questions feel free to drop them in #general :)

Your Lord and Saviour,
Signing off one last time,

- James
by Aaron at 9:18 AM
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This post is long-overdue and most-certainly not a secret anymore.
Straight to the point... OP-Factions is resetting!
We are aiming to launch OP-Factions 2.0 on Saturday, 14th Oct at 1pm EST (6pm GMT)

Detailed below are our target patchnotes for the reset. We don't usually announce patchnotes before the reset however this will also save time on the reset-day.

- Brand new spawn (Thanks @Grapei)
- Brand new overworld/nether/end world
- Border claiming glitch has been fixed (Physical border removed)
- Natural blaze spawners removed
- Tokens are worth more and not as common
- Librarian has finally arrived with artifacts, relics and more.
- New rank: Warlord
- Glitchy enchantments such as Skillswipe & Boomerang removed
- Enchantment caps have been reduced to improve balance
- Donor kits have been revamped to suit new enchantment caps
- mcMMO xp gain has been slightly reduced
- mcMMO axes are not ridiculously overpowered
- Relics have been added to KoTH...
by Aaron at 4:57 PM
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Hi again.
I thought I'd take some time to gather some feedback & suggestions for the server and state our update plans for the future.

It is agreeable the back-to-school period is always a hard-hitter on our server and many others. While I don't want to leak too much information, I can state we have large plans for OP-Factions in the coming weeks. I would like to gather some info on things wrong with OP-Factions and fix them up for a large update/release(?) very soon. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback and things which need changed.

It is evident OP-Factions deserves the attention right now as it appears to be the most active, and prison's already had a reset recently. However this doesn't mean we are not looking at OP-Prison either -- feel free to leave thoughts & suggestions for Prison (however our update plan for prison is not as 'intense' as OP-Factions at the moment)

I will be posting later in the week to announce some news for OP-Factions, watch this space.

by Aaron at 8:40 AM
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Hello community!
It has been a couple weeks since our last posts/updates.

While we are busy with non-server related things, I've rolled out a temporary sale increase for Prison and Factions.

Prison is now up at 75% off, with factions at 70% off too!
Currently the highest sale percentages for the current server versions.

Sales end Monday 25th September.


We appreciate your patience regarding updates during this busy September period where most of our staff are finishing up their summer breaks.

by Aaron at 3:27 PM
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This is the first official post since our release of Prison 4.0. Overall we are pleased with the response from the reset and hoping to continue releasing quality additions.

I am announcing a Drop Party on Prison, the first DP since reset.
Date: Sat 19th August @ 8pm GMT/3pm EST
This will be held at spawn, however the location may change.

In addition to this, I will be increasing the 50% discount on Prison content (Excluding Pandora Keys) to a 60% discount until Monday 21st August.

We hope to continue with these small events!

by Aaron at 12:10 PM
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Hello again!
I'm almost certain this post is long overdue, and our community has been waiting for some time for some confirmation.
This is our Prison reset announcement. Prison will be resetting on August 4th at 1pm EST (6pm UK)
(Please keep an eye out for date changes. While we are aiming to release on this date, delays may occur)

What you can expect:
- Brand new spawn
- Throwback/nostalgic 1.0/2.0 feel
- Brand new enchanting/librarian updates
- New crates
- PvP incentives
- Improved gang incentives
- Most importantly, a fresh sustainable economy
- Much more

Store purchases:
Ranks purchased from the store will be reimbursed in-game (to the equivalent rank)
Apollo/Zeus/Hades pickaxes (and Pick buffs) will be re-credited too.
Items such as Spawner crates, keys and any other one-time packages will not be re-credited.
Specials & Bundles such as Halloween/Christmas/Santa packages will also be re-credited, however, expect some changes (such as no one-time-items, command...
by Cliffee at 4:58 PM
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Our last event went pretty successful, so... we're hosting another! This time we'll be hosting a 1vs1 PvP tournament, with prizes (Of course..)
The prizes are:

1st place: 1x Spherea pickaxe with a fancy rename (And lore!) + 5000 tokens + Special [Champion] tag which can be seen in chat!
2nd place: 1x Quadratum pickaxe with a fancy rename (And lore!) + 2500 tokens
3rd place: 1000 tokens 3x Pandora keys and of course, a pat on the back

This event will be hosted on the 27th of May at 9 pm GMT / 4 pm EST / 2 pm PST
As usual, leave your IGN below so you can enter!

Duel update:

We've seen the dueling plugin being used a lot lately, so we've decided to add a new kit and an additional arena to play on, we hope to add more and more kits and maps to play on in the near future.
This update will be released shortly after the PvP tournament.

Well, that's all for this time, we hope this event goes as well as the last one did,...
by Meewoo at 6:27 PM
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We've started to host more events if you couldn't tell. This time we're hosting a Build battle on the 29th of April at: 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT / 2pm PST You will be able to use /warp event or /warp buildbattle 15 minutes before the starting time.

You'll be by yourself for this building competition, so practice your creativity and building techniques! You will be given a subject that you have 30 minutes to build something related to the given subject. If your build isn't complete within this time period, your build will still be judged.

For the prizes (the most important part!)
1st Place: 5000 Tokens + Spheara Pickaxe with a unique name and a super special sparkly build battle axe

2nd Place: 2500 Tokens + 5 Pandora keys (If the pandora keys somehow aren't/don't work, please message an Admin to resolve the issue.)

3rd Place:
1000 tokens + 2 Pandora keys and a pat on the back.

Please leave your IGN...
by Aaron at 3:06 PM
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Hello again!
It's been a while since the last announcement, and I'm writing this to wish you all a Happy Easter!
We've arranged a (short notice) egg hunt around prison spawn, where 35 dragon eggs will spawn!

The event starts at 9:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST tonight, that's in about an hours time. It is configured to run for an hour max, but we expect it to end a bit quicker.
The eggs contain lots of exclusive admin items for Easter.

We don't have any special Easter bundles this year, however you can expect some exclusive summer content to come soon!
Apologies for the short notice.

Have a good Easter!
by Aaron at 8:00 PM
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After 1 week of OP-Factions, it's fair to say it has been a success and has been a great addition to Union MC.
Throughout this week we've been less focused on the forum side of things, while ensuring the launch went smoothly in-game.

I didn't provide an initial announcement with details of OP-Factions upon release as we wanted users to dive in and discover the server themselves.
@James has done a cleanup of the forum sections, and you can now find OP FACTIONS and OP PRISON sub sections.

We will be introducing a Changelog subforum for both servers where we can note weekly changes.

Today, marking 1 week after release, we released KoTHs and The End.
KoTHs run at 4pm Eastern on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Each KoTH has a capture time of 5 minutes and yields 3 random rewards from /koth loot. *Capture times and loot may be subject to change
Expect some further KoTH updates soon, along with perhaps a border expansion for the End...