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by Aaron at 4:13 PM
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Sorry to interrupt your gameplay at Union MC.
We are in the process of fixing a few glitches, and upgrading our hardware to ensure better quality service and more slots for players to join.

You can expect to see the server up in an hour to two hours from now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Our apologies,
Union MC Staff Team

We've been working with our provider, and the server is currently offline. They are installing new RAM sticks, as we suspect that the current ones we have are dodgy. We will be offline for around 30 minutes, maybe a little longer. Hopefully this is the issue. I will keep you updated.

Update 2:
RAM is fine. We believe that it is the CPU causing issues. This is being replaced currently.

Update 3:
We're downloading all files, doing a fresh install of our operating system and reuploading. This might take a few hours.

Update 4:
OS reinstalled, we're going live soon. Fingers crossed for no more lag. There shouldn't be any reason...
by Aaron at 5:09 PM
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Hello community and new members!
If you haven't noticed, MrCrainer has started a series on Union MC!

If you haven't checked him out already, be sure to do that! Hopefully you'll see yourself in a future video :p

I've also extended the 40% OFF sale to the 26th of April!

Enjoy, all.
by TrendNet at 2:55 AM
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Hello fellow minecrafters and friends, I am TrendNet. And today, our community plug.dj has been updated! The site itself hasn't changed. But there are some new features to make the community more fun!

Staff and Staff Applications
You will no longer get staff ranks on plug.dj for DJing songs, now you need to apply for it! Keep in mind, you will be applying for Bouncer rank, then you eventually get promoted to Manager. Resident DJ will be used for another thing. Only people who upload or create songs can be Resident DJs for free (Meaning no application), such as our friend Deadsynth (mrconnor123 in MC). Since Resident DJ only has the permission to enter a locked wait list. Now, when you apply for Bouncer rank, please don't ask the administrators to read it.

Ban Appeals
Some people might be banned from the community for a period of time. Although, you have a chance to make a ban appeal. You have 3 strikes, and 3 times to...
by Aaron at 9:44 AM
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We've got a few announcements to make!
Staff Applications
We've decided to go ahead and open staff applications. We are looking for a few more recruits to help us enforce the rules at all times on Union MC. This may be good news for many, as a lot of the community show a keen interest in helping the server.

As Easter is approaching, we will be running a 40% OFF sale until the 20th of April. Snatch up your favorite package before then and pay much less! http://Store.UnionMC.net

You may have noticed that we have removed Tokens. Tokens were removed to prevent our server crashing whenever someone used an explosive pickaxe. We will be working close with the developer to try get this issue resolved.

You may have also noticed that we have removed Gangs. We done this as it may be the cause of the problem, turns out it wasn't. We will be adding it back shortly, and hopefully introducing new features of it.

by TrendNet at 8:36 AM
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Hello everyone! Some of you may know this, but UnionMC is currently down. I don't know why, but I can tell you that it will be fixed as soon as Aaron is online. Thank you for reading!

Proud Staff of UnionMC
by TrendNet at 8:32 AM
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Hello everyone! I previously made a list of rules for our Plug.DJ web site!
For those who don't know what Plug.DJ is should read this:

Plug.DJ is a web site where people can make communities at. In those communities (that anyone can join) people can DJ songs that they can choose from either YouTube or Soundcloud.
Let others listen to songs you choose, and you listen to theirs!
And this is how Plug.DJ works: http://i.imgur.com/iRaGxcF.jpg

You can find the rule list here.

Have fun playing and listening!

Proud Staff Member of UnionMC
by Aaron at 5:22 PM
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Hi community. I've decided to roll out a short 15% off sale for those to enjoy. The sale will end Sunday, 29th March. We will be doing some rank giveaways and larger sales around Easter time.

Thanks for playing,
Union MC Staff Team
by Aaron at 10:26 PM
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Apologies for the long delay. I initially expected this update to be out by Friday, however we’ve ran into major issues regarding limiting spawners, and we will be disabling spawners for the time being (until we can fix this).

We've just rolled out a large update to Union MC! We've added many new features which I will explain in this blog post. Also to add, all current spawners have been wiped from the plot world.


As you have read, all spawners have been wiped from the plot world. We apologize to all those who have purchased spawners. Our goal behind this risky move was to fully implement a new rule, limiting players to 15 spawners maximum in the plot world. However, this hasn’t succeeded just yet as we’ve ran into issues with this and we plan to implement this in the near future.

Enchantment Tokens

A large part of this update is the introduction of Enchantment Tokens. These allow users to upgrade the enchantments on their pickaxes, axes, shovels and...
by Aaron at 7:18 PM
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Scrap the 35% OFF sale! We've had a re-think about our pricing for ranks. As our server has grown, we're able to decrease the price of our ranks! Most likely permanently. The new prices are as follows:
  • Convict: $6.00
  • Thug: $15.00
  • Gangster: $30.00
  • Underboss: $50.00
  • Boss: $100.00
Hopefully these changes will suit more.
Additionally, we can't just scrap the 35% OFF sale in the snap of our fingers. I've decided to lower it to 15% off, which is valid on all packages until the 10th.

As for those who have spent a significant sum of money on our store before this price drop, please contact me. I'd be willing to set you up with coupon codes and free packages for our store.

Enjoy the new pricing, and thanks for playing Union MC
by Aaron at 5:16 PM
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We're currently running a 35% off sale on all items! You can find our store at store.unionmc.net. No coupon code is required. The sale will end March 7th, so make sure you grab your favorite items before then!