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by Aaron at 10:58 AM
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Christmas has come to UnionMC, and we've added some exclusive content to the store.

Firstly, we've launched an exclusive SANTA rank. This rank is only purchasable between now and the 10th of January.

This rank is a limited-time top rank. You cannot upgrade to it from Emperor, however, you can upgrade to the rank from the Christmas bundle! (Our purchase the rank itself without upgrading to it)

This rank has access to many of the Christmas bundle features, along with access to many plots, player vaults, homes and more. An exclusive "SANTA" pickaxe with maxed enchantments is available with this rank, and you can also apply additional "Sheet" levels (up to level 3) at checkout for an additional cost.

This is our first introduction of Plot mines, we may add them individually to the store soon once we can finalize them.

Additionally, the Hades pick has been added to the store! With an original price of $100, this is discounted $20 for Christmas!
This pickaxe...
by Aaron at 6:08 PM
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Christmas time is upon us, it's only right for us to celebrate with some much-needed changes!
I'll be announcing many things in this post. Additions, events and fixes.

If you missed previous post, we rolled out about 12 different giveaways. We're still hosting these! Today's giveaway (2nd giveaway) ends in a few hours.
Be sure to stay updated on our giveaways by following @UnionNetMC on twitter.

UnionMC's official Discord
We've finally got around to make a Discord server!
Join via https://unionmc.net/discord
We do have a few rules for the server, hopefully they're not too restricting. Find them in the #welcome text channel.

Player Vaults
We've finally solved the issue with PlayerVaults wiping NBT data off items. They should be safe to store any items in now, but please do let us know if you notice anything strange.
(If you weren't aware, player vaults would reset custom...
by Aaron at 3:52 PM
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It's been a while since we've updated you here.
We've been at work on updates for the server for Christmas time, and have more stuff in the works which will be announced sooner to Christmas!

But for now, I'm announcing a plethora of changes.

The Christmas Bundle
The Halloween bundle was a huge success, and we feel it's only right to continue this idea for Christmas!
Here are the details:

You can find the bundle @ https://Store.UnionMC.net for just $26!
This bundle will no longer be on sale after January 10th 2017.


12 Days of Christmas Giveaways
On the lead-up to Christmas, we will be hosting special giveaways each day!
This will be done through an external system such as gleam, however, nothing is confirmed yet.
These giveaways include many rewards, such as pickaxes, keys, exclusive admin items, store credit and even store...
by TypicaIGaming at 6:38 PM
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Hope everyone had a sp00ky Halloween! Putting a close to October and the Halloween excitement, we are announcing the results of the build competition! Unfortunately, the judges didn't receive enough submissions to award all 3 prizes, so we have chosen two winners:

1st - MingoDaMango with his plot at /p h MingoDaMango 3
2nd - Richrex711 with his plot at /p h richrex711 8

Congratulations to the winners, and you may ask a staff member online to claim your rewards!

Staff Changes
Additionally, we have had a few new changes to our staff team. First, we welcome @iPunish and @alexsaysso as the newest members to the team as Junior Moderators. Secondly, we congratulate @Meewoo on his promotion to Senior Moderator.

Bug Fixes & Server Additions
The management and developer team have been working tirelessly to address some pesty bugs. The following have been fixed or changed.
  • First, as you may have...
by Aaron at 1:42 PM
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Hello again!
As Halloween approaches, we feel it is right to schedule some events to make the most of it!

1) Building Competition
We've arranged a build competition for Halloween this year! Starting now, you're able to build & submit your entries for the competition. Entries will close and be finalized at 4pm EST on November 1st. We'll announce the winners at around 5pm EST that day.

What are the rewards?
We will reward the winner and 2 runner ups. The prizes are as follows (and may be subject to change):
1st Place - $10 store credit, a random tier 5 pickaxe, a 2x multiplier for 24 hours & 1500 tokens
2nd Place - A random tier 5 pickaxe, a 2x multiplier for 12 hours & 500 tokens
3rd Place - A random tier 5 pickaxe, a 1.75x multiplier for 8 hours & 250 tokens
Winners will be evaluated by our Admins & Moderators.

How do I enter?
Build a Halloween-themed plot. Nothing is off limits.
Simply leave a reply with your username & plot number of...
by Aaron at 6:08 PM
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Hi all!
Halloween is approaching (this year has flew in!) and it's time to welcome it. I've made some noticeable and not-so-noticeable changes over the past week, however I'll be noting them here and announcing some new features.
Firstly, some minor changes involve added Pickaxe durability warnings. A large title message will appear on your screen when your pickaxe durability is low.
The spawn's been slightly spookified! Be wary of the clowns...
And Gang Coins have been added to the KoTH loot pool.

We have also just added a Halloween Bundle, a limited time perk bundle on the Buycraft store (store.unionmc.net) for $22. This will be on sale until November 5th only!
Below is the listed items, perks and commands granted upon purchase. These will not expire, you will keep these commands forever.

by Aaron at 6:24 PM
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Hello community!
I'm glad to announce a feature that has been on the list for many months now, and highly requested. We initially had gangs back in 1.0 however due to many exploits such as depositing money for prestiging, the system was removed. Over the past weeks we have been working with the developer of our older plugin, and the outcome; a custom fork of the plugin designed for Union MC.
This custom fork carries over the main features from our old implementation, however now is no longer tied to in-game money (a changing economy).
While everyone wants to own a Gang, we encourage users to work together instead of everyone having a separate gang. For this, we've added a hefty creation price of $325 billion in order to create a gang. This may change as our economy evolves (this is the only tie gangs have with in-game $).

Gang Coins
A new currency named Gang Coins (or Gang Tokens) has been added which is the core currency of running a gang. Any gang...
by Aaron at 3:31 PM
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Last week's DP proved a struggle with the high influx of players, however we've planned another one for tomorrow (Friday). Hopefully we won't suffer from any TPS issues we had last week.
This DP won't be on the huge scale that last Saturday's was, however we're organizing this to build hype for the PvP update we'll be releasing shortly after the drop party finishes!

The DP will be at 5:30pm EST (10:30pm GMT)
We acknowledge this is rather late however we're attempting to schedule it for whenever most players are not in school. If we postponed this any later other players from UK/Europe may not be able to attend.

I hope many of you can make it on this short notice! Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates.
by Aaron at 2:04 PM
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Hello players!
I'd like to explain the lack of updates since the roll-out of Union MC 3.0.
School has started back, and evidently, we've seen much lower player peaks plus much fewer donations. Additionally, most of the staff team have also started back in School/college/University. With less of the team available, we have been unable to work on sophisticated worthy updates for the server. Most of the changes are too insignificant to deserve their own announcement thread.

While I'm at it, I'll announce that Zeus and Apollo pickaxes have now been reimbursed. If you purchased one in 2.0, please use /claimzeus or /claimapollo. If you have changed your name since buying it, let us know and we can sort this for you.

Drop Party
We will be hosting a drop party at /spawn on Saturday @ 3pm EST (8pm UK)
This will include Store Credit, Spawners, Tokens, Redeemables and much more items of value!

Note: We are actually working on some updates orientated around the entire...
by Aaron at 2:32 PM
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It’s here! Union MC Prison 3.0

We’ve made many changes in this update, most noticeably the spawn, mines and changes to donor ranks; and hopefully solved the crisis with our economy in 2.0.

Brand new builds:

Below are some quick screenshots of our new Spawn, A-Z mines and donor mines.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Changes to donor ranks:

We’re aware some users may disagree with our decisions here however we’ve decided to get rid of a few “unused” donor ranks and pack perks closer together. Especially as some of them have been as low as $2.

We’ll be removing the ranks Thug, Underboss, Legend and Champion. Users who have Thug will be moved to Convict, Underboss users will be moved to Gangster and users who have Legend and Champion will be moved to God. This...