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by Aaron at 7:11 PM
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We hope you're enjoying the newly released PvP update.
I'm posting this to make note of a few things.

Firstly, we're planning a Drop Party for tomorrow! Sunday 24th of July at 8pm BST (3pm EST). This should last around 30-60 mins.

Secondly, KoTH schedules are changing. It seems that only one team seem to be winning these, we encourage all users to participate, not just 5 of the one team (Yes you probably know who you are). KoTHs will take place at 9pm BST once a day (not the current twice). Which is 4pm EST. This is in order to help "hype" the KoTHs and make them extra special.

I've launched a Skyblock sale for 75% OFF. This will last the weekend. Don't forget there's also a 95% OFF Prison sale.
Store: https://store.unionmc.net

Finally, please provide as much feedback as possible regarding our new Anti-cheat. Such as bypasses, false kicks, un-caught hacks, etc. We're working to improve it however certain snide comments such as "this new...
by Aaron at 11:02 AM
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Hello community!

We’re rolling out an update revolving around the PvP in Prison. With this, we’ve fixed bugs, added features, a brand new event and made some notable changes.

Firstly, bugs involving Soulbound should now be fixed. We are still unsure if we wish to compensate users who lost items due to this. However please do report any bugs if they do pop up, using our Report a Bug forum.

We’ve greatly improved our Anti-Cheat with a brand new system which will block almost all hacks and exploits. With this, KillAura and other PvP-based hacks have been patched along with many other mining-related ones.

A brand new exciting addition is the introduction of King of The Hill (KoTH) events, scheduled for twice a day. These events will take place daily at 3PM and 5PM Eastern (8PM British/2PM Central/12PM Pacific & 10PM British/4PM Central/2PM Pacific)

This event involves a player holding the point for 5 minutes without being knocked off by others. Players can...
by Aaron at 9:00 AM
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Hello community!

Firstly I apologize for the lack of updates lately – we planned to deploy these features around a week ago however I’ve been unavailable on a trip. These changes are an attempt at pumping life back into Prison, however there are some Skyblock-related ones too.

We’ve added an additional 5 prestiges, totalling 15 – hopefully end-game users now have something to work towards now! The prestige prices are as follows:
  • 10th » 11th: $150,000,000,000 ($150 Billion)
  • 11th » 12th: $200,000,000,000 ($200 Billion)
  • 12th » 13th: $300,000,000,000 ($300 Billion)
  • 13th » 14th: $500,000,000,000 ($500 Billion)
  • 14th » 15th: $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 Trillion)
Along with these changes, we have also altered the prestige costs of 1 to 10.

With the addition of more prestiges, token rewards and Prestige Crates have been added! Similar to rankup crates; you will receive these when you prestige (not just the new prestiges -...
by rickalic at 12:06 PM
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Hello Community!

This Saturday, June 18, 2016, we will be removing Backpacks on Prison. Now you maybe be asking yourself, "What why?" Well the answer is because we have an update planned with multiple features but to do this we must sacrifice the Backpacks. Starting today you will no longer be able to purchase Backpacks in game and I ask that you take all items that you have in your Backpacks out. Items lost in Backpacks after removal Will Not be refunded. Also if you have already purchased a Backpack, the tokens Will Not be refunded. I appreciate your cooperation and am looking forward to bringing you the next update.

Rick & Union MC Staff
by Aaron at 6:45 PM
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Hello community!
It's Friday and we're releasing an update which relates to Prison, newly released Skyblock and the server as a whole!
Firstly, we've introduced a new way to receive bonus rewards in-game. This is achieved through visiting our new http://unionmc.rewardcraft.net/ site! Simply engage in an ad (whether it's a site, video etc) and you'll receive in-game items!
We are not responsible for the content on adverts shown. All adverts are managed by third parties and are completely random.
The current rewards are as follows:


  • $175 In-game money
  • 1x Redstone Dust
  • 2x Dirt
  • 12x Bottle of Enchanting
  • 2x Vote Key
  • 4x Enchantment Tokens

You can engage in ads up to 4 times within 24 hours.

I would also like to state that voting has changed! You will no longer get rewards for voting if you are offline! You MUST be online on the server you wish to receive the rewards on (Prison...
by Aaron at 12:34 PM
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Hello community!

I'm writing to announce that Skyblock has just been released, along with our brand new hub! We’ve spent the last weeks ensuring these servers are complete and we’re ready to deploy them to our public playerbase.

The hub is relatively straight forward; select which server you wish to connect to. (Prison or Skyblock). Where Skyblock involves surviving with minimal materials solo or with some friends! (Use /island to get started!)

Below is some renders of our new Hub. A rather large area for users to explore!

(Renders by Barbarian)

Furthermore Skyblock may have bugs/glitches and we’d appreciate if you reported these at your earliest convenience.

I’ve added Skyblock-related packages to Store.UnionMC.net too, along with a 60% off sale on all Skyblock purchases! As Skyblock has been released earlier than planned, all beta testers will receive the first rank free of...
by Aaron at 4:36 PM
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Update #1: We've deployed Early-access 2 days early. We'll be officially releasing on the 8th of June (2 days earlier)

Hello community!

Summer is almost here! As you’re probably aware if you read this thread’s title, yes, we’re announcing the addition of Skyblock to Union MC (for a second, hopefully more successful time).

We’ve been working hard over the past weeks in order to bring a well-made Skyblock gamemode to the server - and it’s definitely a great improvement over our last attempt back in June 2015.

We plan to release Skyblock and a Hub around the 10th of June

However, we will be accepting up to 20 beta testers for Skyblock from the 1st of June. In order to participate in 10 days of early access as a beta tester it is required you purchase beta access ($25) from http://store.unionmc.net – you’ll be instantly whitelisted and get a head start over others!

We acknowledge not all users will be able to...
by James at 2:23 PM
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If you didn't notice, the server had a whitelist on for the past 2 and a half hours. Sorry about that!
We originally planned for our maintenance to take ~30 minutes, it wasn't going so well so it took a little longer.

Anyways, onto the new stuff. That's right! Aren't we just awesome?

Introducing, /linkaccount.

We've setup an awesome way to link your in-game Minecraft account, and your forum account!
So for all those whacky forum users with your crazy names, we now know who you are!

To get started, just type /linkaccount and then follow the instructions in-game. It's super easy, all you have to do is click a link!

Once you've linked your account, on your profile and posts there will be a new box with your Minecraft in-game name and your skin's head :D

I'm amazing, I know, no need to fuss over it too much :p

Don't forget!
We're hosting another Drop Party tomorrow, at 5PM EST! I'll...
by James at 12:16 PM
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Alright guys! I know many of you look like this right now:

But yes, the server is down! But it's for a good reason!

The people have spoken! And we've listened.
We heard lots of you complaining about the lag, so in an attempt to fix said lag, we're moving to a better machine.
What did you say?!?!?!?!

Yes that's right! New machine, which will hopefully (praise be to the Lord(s) above) fix that annoying as hell lag!

We're now into maintenance mode, and the server will look like this for you:

We don't expect the maintenance to take too long, we did transferred most of the static files (stuff that rarely changes) yesterday, meaning we're just moving data like your player data, rank, balance, etc. We're estimating about an hour, however that may change! Hopefully shorter!

After hearing that news, I'm sure many of you are...
by Aaron at 9:39 AM
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I'm announcing quite a few changes we've made today.

Firstly, for this weekend the chances of getting a Tier 4 or Tier 5 pickaxe from the Pickaxe Crate have doubled!
This means you're more likely to win a better pick this weekend than you are at other times. This will end at 12:00am GMT on Monday Morning (7pm EST Sunday)
You can also take advantage of the 95% OFF sale @ http://store.unionmc.net!

We've also added Cratekey bundles to the server store! You can purchase each key in bundles of 5x or 32x and get better value for your purchase (discount).
We may consider adding a 64x bundle.

Finally, we've adjusted Kingpin's price, and is now decreased to $50 while this 95% sale lasts. We felt this was necessary as it was previously double the price of Titan without double the perks.

We'd also like to welcome @Meewoo to the staff team as a newly recruited Junior Mod!
Furthermore @CharlieeeMC and...