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by Aaron at 6:24 PM
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Hello community!
I'm glad to announce a feature that has been on the list for many months now, and highly requested. We initially had gangs back in 1.0 however due to many exploits such as depositing money for prestiging, the system was removed. Over the past weeks we have been working with the developer of our older plugin, and the outcome; a custom fork of the plugin designed for Union MC.
This custom fork carries over the main features from our old implementation, however now is no longer tied to in-game money (a changing economy).
While everyone wants to own a Gang, we encourage users to work together instead of everyone having a separate gang. For this, we've added a hefty creation price of $325 billion in order to create a gang. This may change as our economy evolves (this is the only tie gangs have with in-game $).

Gang Coins
A new currency named Gang Coins (or Gang Tokens) has been added which is the core currency of running a gang. Any gang...
by Aaron at 3:31 PM
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Last week's DP proved a struggle with the high influx of players, however we've planned another one for tomorrow (Friday). Hopefully we won't suffer from any TPS issues we had last week.
This DP won't be on the huge scale that last Saturday's was, however we're organizing this to build hype for the PvP update we'll be releasing shortly after the drop party finishes!

The DP will be at 5:30pm EST (10:30pm GMT)
We acknowledge this is rather late however we're attempting to schedule it for whenever most players are not in school. If we postponed this any later other players from UK/Europe may not be able to attend.

I hope many of you can make it on this short notice! Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates.
by Aaron at 2:04 PM
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Hello players!
I'd like to explain the lack of updates since the roll-out of Union MC 3.0.
School has started back, and evidently, we've seen much lower player peaks plus much fewer donations. Additionally, most of the staff team have also started back in School/college/University. With less of the team available, we have been unable to work on sophisticated worthy updates for the server. Most of the changes are too insignificant to deserve their own announcement thread.

While I'm at it, I'll announce that Zeus and Apollo pickaxes have now been reimbursed. If you purchased one in 2.0, please use /claimzeus or /claimapollo. If you have changed your name since buying it, let us know and we can sort this for you.

Drop Party
We will be hosting a drop party at /spawn on Saturday @ 3pm EST (8pm UK)
This will include Store Credit, Spawners, Tokens, Redeemables and much more items of value!

Note: We are actually working on some updates orientated around the entire...
by Aaron at 2:32 PM
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It’s here! Union MC Prison 3.0

We’ve made many changes in this update, most noticeably the spawn, mines and changes to donor ranks; and hopefully solved the crisis with our economy in 2.0.

Brand new builds:

Below are some quick screenshots of our new Spawn, A-Z mines and donor mines.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Changes to donor ranks:

We’re aware some users may disagree with our decisions here however we’ve decided to get rid of a few “unused” donor ranks and pack perks closer together. Especially as some of them have been as low as $2.

We’ll be removing the ranks Thug, Underboss, Legend and Champion. Users who have Thug will be moved to Convict, Underboss users will be moved to Gangster and users who have Legend and Champion will be moved to God. This...
by James at 1:42 PM
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Hello everyone!

We'll, today has been eventful, to say the least.

We noticed that one of our machines (that handles all of our databases and the forums) was offline. Several hours later, we're getting back to normal.
But all is good now, we're in the process of changing a few settings on the server(s) as our IPs changed for some backend/internal stuff. However nothing will be different for you guys, you can all still join through play.unionmc.net and u-mc.co.

Plot PvP

Plot PvP has been pushed back a little bit, to 7PM GMT (20 minutes from when this post was made).
Plots will become unprotected tomorrow.

Have fun,
Your lord and saviour,
- James

And may the odds be in your favour (for those who take part in Plot PvP).
by Aaron at 5:07 PM
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Announcing UNION MC: Prison 3.0

Hello community!
I'm writing this announcing that we'll be performing a prison revamp and reset by the 12th of August!
This will result in all data being wiped, including plots, inventories, PVs, A-Z rank, prestiges... everything (excluding donor packages which I shall explain shortly)

What time is the reset?
The reset will be between 12 noon - 1pm on Friday the 12th of August. Delays may follow, however hopefully things go to plan this time.

Why is this a good thing?
Many users have been complaining about how they stand no chance against longer-playing users in PvP, ranking up, etc. A reset would be a viable solution in order for all users to start equally again.
Not only does it reset stats, however opens up much more opportunities for us to improve the prison, such as adding new features, remove redundant ones, regain our old players, advertise...
by Aaron at 7:11 PM
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We hope you're enjoying the newly released PvP update.
I'm posting this to make note of a few things.

Firstly, we're planning a Drop Party for tomorrow! Sunday 24th of July at 8pm BST (3pm EST). This should last around 30-60 mins.

Secondly, KoTH schedules are changing. It seems that only one team seem to be winning these, we encourage all users to participate, not just 5 of the one team (Yes you probably know who you are). KoTHs will take place at 9pm BST once a day (not the current twice). Which is 4pm EST. This is in order to help "hype" the KoTHs and make them extra special.

I've launched a Skyblock sale for 75% OFF. This will last the weekend. Don't forget there's also a 95% OFF Prison sale.
Store: https://store.unionmc.net

Finally, please provide as much feedback as possible regarding our new Anti-cheat. Such as bypasses, false kicks, un-caught hacks, etc. We're working to improve it however certain snide comments such as "this new...
by Aaron at 11:02 AM
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Hello community!

We’re rolling out an update revolving around the PvP in Prison. With this, we’ve fixed bugs, added features, a brand new event and made some notable changes.

Firstly, bugs involving Soulbound should now be fixed. We are still unsure if we wish to compensate users who lost items due to this. However please do report any bugs if they do pop up, using our Report a Bug forum.

We’ve greatly improved our Anti-Cheat with a brand new system which will block almost all hacks and exploits. With this, KillAura and other PvP-based hacks have been patched along with many other mining-related ones.

A brand new exciting addition is the introduction of King of The Hill (KoTH) events, scheduled for twice a day. These events will take place daily at 3PM and 5PM Eastern (8PM British/2PM Central/12PM Pacific & 10PM British/4PM Central/2PM Pacific)

This event involves a player holding the point for 5 minutes without being knocked off by others. Players can...
by Aaron at 9:00 AM
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Hello community!

Firstly I apologize for the lack of updates lately – we planned to deploy these features around a week ago however I’ve been unavailable on a trip. These changes are an attempt at pumping life back into Prison, however there are some Skyblock-related ones too.

We’ve added an additional 5 prestiges, totalling 15 – hopefully end-game users now have something to work towards now! The prestige prices are as follows:
  • 10th » 11th: $150,000,000,000 ($150 Billion)
  • 11th » 12th: $200,000,000,000 ($200 Billion)
  • 12th » 13th: $300,000,000,000 ($300 Billion)
  • 13th » 14th: $500,000,000,000 ($500 Billion)
  • 14th » 15th: $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 Trillion)
Along with these changes, we have also altered the prestige costs of 1 to 10.

With the addition of more prestiges, token rewards and Prestige Crates have been added! Similar to rankup crates; you will receive these when you prestige (not just the new prestiges -...
by rickalic at 12:06 PM
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Hello Community!

This Saturday, June 18, 2016, we will be removing Backpacks on Prison. Now you maybe be asking yourself, "What why?" Well the answer is because we have an update planned with multiple features but to do this we must sacrifice the Backpacks. Starting today you will no longer be able to purchase Backpacks in game and I ask that you take all items that you have in your Backpacks out. Items lost in Backpacks after removal Will Not be refunded. Also if you have already purchased a Backpack, the tokens Will Not be refunded. I appreciate your cooperation and am looking forward to bringing you the next update.

Rick & Union MC Staff