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by James at 12:16 PM
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Alright guys! I know many of you look like this right now:

But yes, the server is down! But it's for a good reason!

The people have spoken! And we've listened.
We heard lots of you complaining about the lag, so in an attempt to fix said lag, we're moving to a better machine.
What did you say?!?!?!?!

Yes that's right! New machine, which will hopefully (praise be to the Lord(s) above) fix that annoying as hell lag!

We're now into maintenance mode, and the server will look like this for you:

We don't expect the maintenance to take too long, we did transferred most of the static files (stuff that rarely changes) yesterday, meaning we're just moving data like your player data, rank, balance, etc. We're estimating about an hour, however that may change! Hopefully shorter!

After hearing that news, I'm sure many of you are...
by Aaron at 9:39 AM
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I'm announcing quite a few changes we've made today.

Firstly, for this weekend the chances of getting a Tier 4 or Tier 5 pickaxe from the Pickaxe Crate have doubled!
This means you're more likely to win a better pick this weekend than you are at other times. This will end at 12:00am GMT on Monday Morning (7pm EST Sunday)
You can also take advantage of the 95% OFF sale @ http://store.unionmc.net!

We've also added Cratekey bundles to the server store! You can purchase each key in bundles of 5x or 32x and get better value for your purchase (discount).
We may consider adding a 64x bundle.

Finally, we've adjusted Kingpin's price, and is now decreased to $50 while this 95% sale lasts. We felt this was necessary as it was previously double the price of Titan without double the perks.

We'd also like to welcome @Meewoo to the staff team as a newly recruited Junior Mod!
Furthermore @CharlieeeMC and...
by James at 7:34 AM
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Today, we've reset everyone's vote counter!

Why oh why lord and saviour?

Well, there is a good reason! We're hosting a vote competition!

What the heck is that... and why do I care?
Well, you can win awesome prizes? Who doesn't want to win those?

But, it's super easy to enter! All you need to do is vote every day!

You can vote a maximum time of 93 (3 voting sites, 31 days) times next month, so I invite you to do so!
Those who get the most votes, get some awesome rewards!
What could be better?!

by Aaron at 3:14 PM
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Hello community!
I'm writing this to announce that we're hosting a Huge Drop Party on Saturday 30th April at 3pm EST (8pm GMT).
As we've currently got on-going advertisements (Minecraftservers.org slot #3) we expect a large turn-out over the weekend, and will be dropping much more goodies than we usually do.
Here's a list which includes, but is not limited to, the items we will be dropping:
  • $25-30 Store Credit (multiple $5 codes & $10 codes)
  • Tier 5 Pickaxes (Including Stratum)
  • Spawners
  • The usual.

The Drop Party will be hosted in the shop (/warp shop) - You'll also be able to use /warp DP

Don't forget, you can also take full advantage of the current 95% OFF sale @ store.unionmc.net
Our new Kingpin rank is as low as $63, or a $30 upgrade from Titan.

We acknowledge the scheduled time of the event may be unsuitable for users in different timezones, but we base these times around our peak hours, when most players are available.
We hope you can make...
by Aaron at 12:56 PM
(1,098 Views / 3 Likes)

We haven’t released a new donor rank in quite some time, and feel this is an appropriate time for a refresh. Our focus is providing our supporters with perks and rewards they deserve, however we do encourage users to upgrade and help us fund some exciting advertisements and updates for over summer.

The Kingpin rank inherits all aspects of the Titan rank, and is also bundled with the following:
  • /autorankup (Toggle this to get ranked up to the next rank as soon as you have enough money)
  • Bypass teleportation cooldown
  • /potionstack (stack potions up to 64 - 30min cooldown)
  • /ptime (set your client’s time on the server. Cosmetical feature, does not affect rules like mob spawning)
  • /pweather (set your client’s weather on the server. Cosmetical feature, does not affect rain/snow forming)
  • /redeem 60

The rank is currently $63.00 with the sale.

You can find our store and 95% off @ http://store.unionmc.net/

Thank you for supporting...
by Aaron at 11:28 AM
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Hello again!
It’s been quite some time since I’ve been excited to introduce some new enjoyable content. We’ve been working over the past few days on introducing some new fun features for the server.

This update contains the following:
  • Mob Stacking/Merging
  • Gambling Drinks/Bartender
  • A NEW Tier 5 Pickaxe
  • Explosive Enchantment Changes
  • Voting Reminders

Mob Stacking/Merging

It’s been a topic we’ve been interested in for a while. We’ve seen that this has had positive feedback and decided to introduce it. All mobs within a 3 block radius of the same type will now stack together to form one entity which represents all the stacked mobs.

Here’s what won’t stack:
  • Leashed mobs
  • Villagers where less than 10 more are around (in order to allow iron golems to spawn)
  • Baby mobs won’t be merged with their adult form
  • Colored sheep won’t merge with sheep of other colors
  • Mobs with items/armor
  • Pets
Please let us know how you...
by James at 4:05 PM
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We're hosting some more events, as we know how much you guys love them ( <3 ) and because they're fun to host!

Because we're awesome, and you guys love us so much, we're hosting 2 events! Yes, that's right! Two! ​

What are these two events you speak of, almighty being James?
Calm down there!

The first of our events, the classic Drop Party that you guys love will be happening on April 9th. 12 noon EST/5pm GMT
Both @AaronL98 and I will be in attendance, and we hope you will too!

The second event, which is something you guys are craving will be a plot competition!

You probably wont understand that, kudos to you if you do! :D

The plot competition will end on April 16th. 12 noon EST/5pm GMT. That is the time I will no longer be accepting entries!

How can I enter?
Simple! Just...
by Aaron at 8:07 PM
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We're hosting another drop party tomorrow at 2pm EST. This is 6pm GMT (As it is not yet British Summertime in the UK as of late)
Apologies for the short notice. Please also expect to see some updates tomorrow/over the weekend - Easter related :D

This drop party will be similar to successful ones hosted in the past, and is likely to include:
  • Store credit
  • Multipliers
  • Tags
  • Tier 4 & 5 pickaxes
  • Other rare goodies :D
Enjoy :)
by Aaron at 6:50 PM
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It’s finally time for 1.9 compatibility! Please do note this does not introduce and support the new features added with Mojang’s 1.9 version of Minecraft. This is simply a change in the protocol to accommodate both 1.8 and 1.9 players and the server will still behave like before – like 1.8.

As 1.9 has altered combat within PvP, 1.9 players will still see their combat items attempting to cooldown (lowering in your hand as you hit) and this does not mean you’re dealing less damage. It’s simply a visual, client side implementation which cannot be altered by server-side plugins however you’re still dealing the same damage as you’d deal as a 1.8 player.
(In brief, combat will behave like 1.8 regardless of your Minecraft version)

Another thing I feel I must address is if you attempt to block with your sword (a mechanic no longer available in 1.9) in 1.9, you’ll see your left hand now has a shield. This is a feature in the protocol hack we’re using in order to keep...
by rickalic at 5:51 PM
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Hello Community!

It's time for another Drop Party! On Saturday, March 12, 2016, we will be hosting a UnionMC Drop Party Event. The event will be taking place at 6PM GMT/ 1PM EST in our shop (/warp shop).

What's up for grab:
  • $5 UnionMC Store Credit
  • Tier 5 & 4 Pickaxes
  • Crate Keys
  • And Much More!
Hope to see you there,
Rick & UnionMC Staff