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by James at 4:05 PM
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We're hosting some more events, as we know how much you guys love them ( <3 ) and because they're fun to host!

Because we're awesome, and you guys love us so much, we're hosting 2 events! Yes, that's right! Two! ​

What are these two events you speak of, almighty being James?
Calm down there!

The first of our events, the classic Drop Party that you guys love will be happening on April 9th. 12 noon EST/5pm GMT
Both @AaronL98 and I will be in attendance, and we hope you will too!

The second event, which is something you guys are craving will be a plot competition!

You probably wont understand that, kudos to you if you do! :D

The plot competition will end on April 16th. 12 noon EST/5pm GMT. That is the time I will no longer be accepting entries!

How can I enter?
Simple! Just...
by Aaron at 8:07 PM
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We're hosting another drop party tomorrow at 2pm EST. This is 6pm GMT (As it is not yet British Summertime in the UK as of late)
Apologies for the short notice. Please also expect to see some updates tomorrow/over the weekend - Easter related :D

This drop party will be similar to successful ones hosted in the past, and is likely to include:
  • Store credit
  • Multipliers
  • Tags
  • Tier 4 & 5 pickaxes
  • Other rare goodies :D
Enjoy :)
by Aaron at 6:50 PM
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It’s finally time for 1.9 compatibility! Please do note this does not introduce and support the new features added with Mojang’s 1.9 version of Minecraft. This is simply a change in the protocol to accommodate both 1.8 and 1.9 players and the server will still behave like before – like 1.8.

As 1.9 has altered combat within PvP, 1.9 players will still see their combat items attempting to cooldown (lowering in your hand as you hit) and this does not mean you’re dealing less damage. It’s simply a visual, client side implementation which cannot be altered by server-side plugins however you’re still dealing the same damage as you’d deal as a 1.8 player.
(In brief, combat will behave like 1.8 regardless of your Minecraft version)

Another thing I feel I must address is if you attempt to block with your sword (a mechanic no longer available in 1.9) in 1.9, you’ll see your left hand now has a shield. This is a feature in the protocol hack we’re using in order to keep...
by rickalic at 5:51 PM
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Hello Community!

It's time for another Drop Party! On Saturday, March 12, 2016, we will be hosting a UnionMC Drop Party Event. The event will be taking place at 6PM GMT/ 1PM EST in our shop (/warp shop).

What's up for grab:
  • $5 UnionMC Store Credit
  • Tier 5 & 4 Pickaxes
  • Crate Keys
  • And Much More!
Hope to see you there,
Rick & UnionMC Staff
by Aaron at 5:05 PM
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Hello community!
This is a relatively small update aimed mainly at beginners.
We're introducing a quest system, where users can complete quests in order to receive rewards, this also acts as an interactive server tutorial/guide. All users are welcome to complete the quests, however rewards may not be as helpful as they are to new players.

Open your quest menu with /quest - quite simple as that.

We're also adding a 95% OFF SALE for this weekend only! - Store items will be as low as they've ever been.

Thanks for playing Union MC :)
by rickalic at 6:28 PM
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Hello Community!

It is my pleasure to announce that on Saturday, February 27, 2016, we will be hosting a UnionMC Drop Party Event! The event will be taking place at 6PM GMT/ 1PM EST in our shop (/warp shop).

What's up for grab:
  • $15 UnionMC Store Credit
  • Tier 5 & 4 Pickaxes
  • Exclusive Bae Tags
  • Keys
  • And Much More!
Hope to see you there,
Rick & UnionMC Staff
by Aaron at 6:32 PM
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It’s roughly one year since we initially launched Union MC! In celebration, we’re announcing one of our largest updates we’ve rolled out (not including our reset update) thus far. This includes both changes/removal of some current features and more excitingly the addition of new, neater features!

For a quick summary:
  • A whole new site look
  • New spawn! (Not quite. Our current spawn has been shrunk)
  • Scoreboard has been shrunk
  • Prestige pickaxe kits have been buffed
  • A->B rank now costs 30k
  • Flickering line surrounding donor rank prefixes has been changed
  • ChatColor has been removed (An attempt to make chat cleaner)
  • Rename command has been added
  • Tags have been removed from chat (They can be seen on hover of names)

We’re aware we may have removed some features which were quite well-liked, especially features relating to our chat format. We’ve decided it’s time to make it much simpler, cleaner -more aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully...
by Aaron at 10:23 AM
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Hello community.
We don’t have much to announce this week; however we do have a lot planned for next weekend!
This post will address changes in pricing and sales at store.unionmc.net.

It’s no secret we’ve had large sale %’s, reaching up to 95% over the past month or two, something we wish to steer away from (for at least a while anyway). We’ve also had users concerned about our pricing of ranks (not including sale discounts).
I’m announcing a change in our store pricing, and we will be decreasing the prices of the following packages:
  • All Ranks/Upgrades
  • Token packages
  • Crate keys
  • Spawners
  • Personal mines
With this decrease in price, we will be decreasing the sale % we have currently. This doesn’t mean we won’t run sales; however this allows us to run even better sales on important dates/seasons of the year.

This change is experimental and may be subject to change in the future, should we need to do so.
Check out the new, improved...
by rickalic at 11:14 AM
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Hello community!
It's been a while since we've released an update; we hope to get back on track on releasing fresh content for all users! This is a relatively small update, but we do have large plans for the next few.

Here's what's added:
  • Librarian
  • Bottling XP (Temporarily disabled)
  • 20 minutes AFK kick
  • Vote Party Reward Revamp
  • Fixed ranks in Tab/List
  • Scoreboard is no longer in debug
The librarian has returned! After being disabled for a few weeks while we ironed out XP issues, the librarian has returned and the costs have been revised.

Bottling XP - (This has been temporarily disabled while we revise the effect on the economy)
We've added the ability of bottling XP! Convict ranks and above are now able to convert their XP to bottle form in order to trade with others. (/bottle get)

Vote Party Reward Revamp
A long overdue change; we’ve revamped the rewards in vote party crates.
I’ve added a list of the...
by dtm at 10:02 AM
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Hello Community,

This announcement serves multiple purposes. The main one being to announce the launch of a weekly update. That's right, we'll be bringing you new content weekly in the form of a thread much like this, every Saturday.

This thread unfortunately comes with less exciting news. Recently an event took place in the staff team in which a large proportion of the staff team chose to leave following recent events. We dealt with the incident and are on the right track to moving past this. As a result, I have the honor of introducing some new staff members to our team:
@TrendNet -> Junior Moderator
@TheGreenRocket -> Junior Moderator
@TypicaIGaming -> Junior Moderator
@iKindlyz -> Junior Moderator
@Veizzo -> Junior Moderator
and lastly, @XxRadioactiveCOW has been promoted to Moderator.
I will continue to actively work on the staff team to ensure you are all able to...