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by Aaron at 11:48 AM
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Hello community,
Albeit later than expected, we've finally managed to fully implement Union MC 2.0!
We have spent many weeks on this project and we have added many features of which we hope you all will love. We tried to keep it fun for every type of player so that everyone can
be entertained while playing on your favorite server (<3)
We've added MANY new features, most noticeably a brand new spawn and set of mines.

Our notable changelog can be found here.
- New Bigger Spawn
- New Bigger Mines
- New plot road design
- New shop interface
- New message/color format
- 35x35 Plots
- New voting rewards
- New unscrambles
- New rank: Titan
- /autorankup (Titan)
- Ranking up when prestiged easier
- AutoSell moved to enchantment
- Enchantments can be applied to bows
- New soulbound enchant
- New pickaxe enchants: Lightning
- New sword enchants: SkillSwipe & Vampire
- New armor enchants: Regeneration
- New bow enchant: Shotgun
- New...
by Aaron at 12:01 PM
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Hello community.
I'm addressing a concern which had arisen when our big updates were announced; Halloween Items. We understand that these keys were purchased for sentimental value, hence why we will allow these items to be carried over.
Please contact a server administrator asap when online if you wish for your items to be transferred over. This item will be removed, noted down and we will manually give you this item after we reset.
Additionally, you can send us a PM on the forums if you can't catch any of us online.

However please do hurry. We will not be able to retrieve Halloween Items after we update to 2.0

We are also announcing that PVP will be enabled in the plotworld for the full day of Thursday until we reset. Lava & fire damage will also be enabled. Free kits will be set up at spawn for users to engage in a somewhat equal fight as we're aware immortals will dominate the PvP world.

We're excited for the reset. Are you?
by Aaron at 9:39 AM
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Hello community!
We’re unveiling something new. Something different. A change for the better.
Working non-stop over the past month, we’ve pieced together a NEW Union MC, a Union MC 2.0.

Solely focusing on prison alone, we’re sure we can provide a different, much improved playing experience for everyone.
This new release does entail a reset of the map & data, but not all is doom and gloom. Our update is feature-galore, packing heaps of changes and new content. Something worthwhile to hype over!

We believe all users should experience this at the same level, hence our decision to reset prestige data, rank data, plot data and the map itself.
As for users who have left in the past, we encourage you to give the new Union MC a shot. We hope we’ve met your expectations.

Things you may be curious about;

What does this update entail?

  • Brand new, bigger, better spawn
  • Brand new mines
  • A...
by xAidann at 4:41 PM
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@AaronL98 and myself have been working on a new crate over the past week, we are happy to announce that we will be selling a limited time Halloween crate key, These keys will only be sold within the month of October, after October they will no longer be sold and the keys will no longer be usable.

Each key will cost $15 without any sale! There is a current 50% sale which is ongoing right now!

If you would like to view the prizes of the crate you can do so at /warp crates in game and then right click the Halloween Crate.

The Crate will be removed from the server store on the 1st of November but will remain in game until the 7th of November.


We will be having a giveaway throughout the whole of October. For every $5 that you spend on our server store during this month you will be given one entry into the raffle. The winner will be drawn on the 31st October and will be posted here.

Our top prize is 3 Halloween Crate Keys and our runner up...
by Aaron at 6:07 PM
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@xAidann and myself have been working on adding "Personal Mines" to our server store! This is a mining area which can be purchased permanently, allowing you a full mine to yourself and take advantage of the high selling prices!
The current sizes we plan to sell (for now) are as follows:
  • 16x16x64: $125 (not incl sale)
  • 32x32x64: $250 (not incl sale)
Mines reset every 45 minutes.
The setup process is manual, so please allow us time to set your mine up fully. It's best to start a conversation with us when you've purchased a mine here on the forums to ensure we get to it.
The current selling prices for the blocks are as follows:
  • Diorite: $20,000 per block
  • Andesite: $25,000 per block
  • Granite: $35,000 per block
Fortune is also compatible with the above blocks; currently allowing for these mines to pack more money than the Immortal mine!
16x16x64 mine:

Also to note; these mines...
by Aaron at 5:03 PM
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Hello community, thanks for your patience while we spent time working on our poor connection issues. We've successfully transferred our hosting & protection provider to ensure a smoother experience.
Our new machine is located in Dallas, TX. We originally tried to find another provider on the east coast, however without much luck. Our current provider does have an East coast datacenter planned, which we may consider moving to in the future.

If you still see the maintenance message on the MOTD, it's likely that your DNS hasn't updated yet. This may take up to 24 hours for DNS to update across the globe.

Be sure to report any bugs you may find (I doubt there is any) in the appropriate forum section. We'll be releasing more important updates soon :)
by Aaron at 10:04 AM
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First of all I'd like to apologize for the poor connection issues over the past few weeks, and we've been attempting to resolve this. I've scheduled some maintenance for today while we migrate over to a better system where these issues will no longer be present. This may take up to a good few hours. I'll post regular updates to keep many of you updated.
Thanks for your patience,
by Aaron at 12:05 PM
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You've probably noticed the network issues going on currently.
This is beyond our control, and therefore we must just wait it out sadly.

We can say that our provider is looking into the issues.
We're not the only server suffering, it seems that all servers on the network are having similar problems.
As of right now there is currently not ETA on when the issues will be fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
by Aaron at 11:01 AM
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Hello community!
The MineVengers have joined us!
Here's A Link to the video!

You can use the coupon "MINEVENGERS" for 50% off the store (http://store.unionmc.net)
by Aaron at 6:49 AM
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Hello community,
We’re announcing a rather large change in the structure of our network for the benefit of our staff team and the community in the long run.

Gavitus as we know it has came to a closure, in an attempt to focus maintaining one prison server to the best of our ability. Thus meaning all prison players should move over to Magnus in an ideal world. We completely understand if some players feel disheartened of our decision, and we can only assure you that this has been debated for quite some time to ensure we’re doing whatever is best for Union MC.
Magnus stats will remain the same.

For players who have purchased items from the store for Gavitus, such as spawners and so on will be given the equivalent on Magnus (E.g. if you bought a cow spawner for Gavitus, it will be given to you on Magnus) This is a manual process, so please see this thread if you wish for us to help: http://unionmc.net/threads/prison-merge-gavitus-purchase-compensation.1493/