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by xAidann at 11:53 AM
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Hello Community!

First of all Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope we can make 2016 even better than 2015.

We will now be hosting events on UnionMC, these events may be monthly or they may be every season, I am not 100% sure on the time frame yet.

The first event is going to be a building contest! There will be a link at the bottom of this post which you can fill out. You simply need to enter your in-game name and the number of the plot you wish to enter, for example:
There will be 3 winners and the winners will be drawn on the 31st of January. First place will receive 10x Pickaxe keys and 2x Treasure keys. Second place will receive 5x Pickaxe keys and 1x Treasure key. Third place will receive 3x Pickaxe keys.

I will be looking through all the plots which get entered and will be picking my favorite three. I will also be inviting a few staff members to help me decide.

This is your last chance to take advantage of...
by dtm at 10:18 AM
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Hello community,

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Dan, I'm the Manager here at Union MC now. @xAidann is also known as Community Manager now. We will both be doing our best to help out around the server.

With that aside, the main purpose of this thread is to inform you all about the new forum updates. We have also added a new way to apply for staff right here in our forums. All you need to do to apply is go to the Staff Applications sub-forum then press the "Apply For Staff" button at the top right.
With this in mind, Aidan will be changing the application system so that applications are dealt with on a monthly basis. Applications will be responded to on the first of each month (Starting from February the 1st).

On the forum side of things, We have recently upgraded our XenForo forum version to the latest version in order to bring you exciting new features. You might notice there is now...
by Aaron at 5:50 PM
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Hello community!
Time for another weekly update. It's a big one.
We're reintroducing a favorite from 1.0, some performance tweaks and a whole XP revamp.
Here's a quick list of what we've added/changed:
  • Mine Crates (Reintroduced from 1.0)
  • Reset all users XP and revamped this system
  • Asynchronous hit detection
  • Explosive enchant optimizations
  • Users now get 3 tokens from reactions/unscrambles
  • All party SUITS are fixed
We've also had a burst of new players joining the server, welcome all! As you've probably been aware OhTekkers has recorded on the server.
You can also expect to see a video on CreepersEdge's channel on Sunday (tomorrow) at 8pm GMT!

Here's our changelog in detail

Mine Crates
They're back, and improved. And you'll will 100% of the time. These crates are packed with new goodies and the classic powertools.
You can say bye to the time-wasting GUI which...
by Aaron at 7:41 PM
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Hello community!
It's the 2nd week since our reset and we're continuing to add more features and exciting changes to keep all users entertained!

Christmas Crate
The Christmas hype train is approaching and shows no signs of stopping! Fittingly enough, say hello to our spanking new Christmas crate, exclusive to the month of December.
In order to open this brand new parcel filled with goodies, find our keys at our webstore, http://store.unionmc.net

12 Days Of Giveaways

It's not Christmas without gifts! On the lead-up to Christmas, we will be running a giveaway a day, hosted by @xAidann , as our gift to you :)
These giveaways can be found on our twitter page, on the forums and possibly in-game throughout each day of 13th-24th of December.

Golden Apple Cooldown Adjustment
We're adjusting the golden apple cooldown properties, considering if you've managed to obtain an apple, you deserve to...
by Domba123 at 12:25 PM
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Hello everyone!
Many of you might have heard rumors and sadly, but proudly, they are true.
I have decided to resign from my role as the Co-Owner.

When I started my journey on the wonderful server that we today know as Union, I would have never expected to experience so many things, learn so much and meet so many people. It was certainly a fun and inspiring journey. I'm really happy with the direction Union is currently heading in and I think that it will become massive in no time. I'm satisfied of what I, what we (everyone in the community!) did together. And I'm so glad that all the hard work that Aaron and I put into raising this server didn't go to waste.

The reason for my resignation is that Aaron's vision of the server greatly differed from my own, so we had a conversation and came to a conclusion that it was for the best if we parted. I can't say I'm not sad for leaving, but I know that it's for the best.

I want to thank everyone for making my time at Union a...
by Aaron at 4:11 PM
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Hello community!
It seems 2.0 has been a success and many of you seem to like it. We hope to continue the fresh nature of the server for as long as possible; so this is one of many of our update patches which we'll try to do weekly (Cannot guarantee).

This update includes:
  • Introduction of backpacks
  • Wider introduction of enchantment book system
  • Fully implemented tag system
  • Fix for picks breaking after repair
  • Brand new rankup crate
  • 24 hours of 95% OFF

Teased since the opening of 2.0, they're finally here. You'll be able to purchase either a SMALL (2 rows), MEDIUM (4 rows) or LARGE (6 rows) backpack to store all kinds of junk or valuables. Items will automatically be added to your backpack when mining if your inventory is full, and /sellall works from the backpack too.
You can possess as many backpacks as you wish.
You may be curious of the effectiveness of backpacks compared to donor exclusive player vaults.
  • ...
by Aaron at 11:48 AM
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Hello community,
Albeit later than expected, we've finally managed to fully implement Union MC 2.0!
We have spent many weeks on this project and we have added many features of which we hope you all will love. We tried to keep it fun for every type of player so that everyone can
be entertained while playing on your favorite server (<3)
We've added MANY new features, most noticeably a brand new spawn and set of mines.

Our notable changelog can be found here.
- New Bigger Spawn
- New Bigger Mines
- New plot road design
- New shop interface
- New message/color format
- 35x35 Plots
- New voting rewards
- New unscrambles
- New rank: Titan
- /autorankup (Titan)
- Ranking up when prestiged easier
- AutoSell moved to enchantment
- Enchantments can be applied to bows
- New soulbound enchant
- New pickaxe enchants: Lightning
- New sword enchants: SkillSwipe & Vampire
- New armor enchants: Regeneration
- New bow enchant: Shotgun
- New...
by Aaron at 12:01 PM
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Hello community.
I'm addressing a concern which had arisen when our big updates were announced; Halloween Items. We understand that these keys were purchased for sentimental value, hence why we will allow these items to be carried over.
Please contact a server administrator asap when online if you wish for your items to be transferred over. This item will be removed, noted down and we will manually give you this item after we reset.
Additionally, you can send us a PM on the forums if you can't catch any of us online.

However please do hurry. We will not be able to retrieve Halloween Items after we update to 2.0

We are also announcing that PVP will be enabled in the plotworld for the full day of Thursday until we reset. Lava & fire damage will also be enabled. Free kits will be set up at spawn for users to engage in a somewhat equal fight as we're aware immortals will dominate the PvP world.

We're excited for the reset. Are you?
by Aaron at 9:39 AM
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Hello community!
We’re unveiling something new. Something different. A change for the better.
Working non-stop over the past month, we’ve pieced together a NEW Union MC, a Union MC 2.0.

Solely focusing on prison alone, we’re sure we can provide a different, much improved playing experience for everyone.
This new release does entail a reset of the map & data, but not all is doom and gloom. Our update is feature-galore, packing heaps of changes and new content. Something worthwhile to hype over!

We believe all users should experience this at the same level, hence our decision to reset prestige data, rank data, plot data and the map itself.
As for users who have left in the past, we encourage you to give the new Union MC a shot. We hope we’ve met your expectations.

Things you may be curious about;

What does this update entail?

  • Brand new, bigger, better spawn
  • Brand new mines
  • A...
by xAidann at 4:41 PM
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@AaronL98 and myself have been working on a new crate over the past week, we are happy to announce that we will be selling a limited time Halloween crate key, These keys will only be sold within the month of October, after October they will no longer be sold and the keys will no longer be usable.

Each key will cost $15 without any sale! There is a current 50% sale which is ongoing right now!

If you would like to view the prizes of the crate you can do so at /warp crates in game and then right click the Halloween Crate.

The Crate will be removed from the server store on the 1st of November but will remain in game until the 7th of November.


We will be having a giveaway throughout the whole of October. For every $5 that you spend on our server store during this month you will be given one entry into the raffle. The winner will be drawn on the 31st October and will be posted here.

Our top prize is 3 Halloween Crate Keys and our runner up...