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Official Rule Book (08/14/17)

Discussion in 'General' started by UnionMC, Jan 26, 2016.

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    May 7, 2016
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    1. Do not ask moderators or admins for any benefits.
    (We chose to nerf the old rule because we felt that it wasn't going along with everything else.)
    Asking anyone from the staff team for any benefits such as items, ranks, in-game currency, etc. is not allowed. Staff might be nice enough and give you stuff, but you are not allowed to beg for them. Asking for a proper trade is allowed and is not breaking the rule.

    2. Do not use offensive language.
    Any kind of racism or sexism or homophobic language will not be tolerated, and will result in hefty punishments on first offenses.

    Furthermore, the use of "vulgar" language (swearing) is allowed when kept to a minimum. If such language is used in a way that is directed at a player, i.e swearing at or about a player, this will not be tolerated. Staff have the final say as to what is considered vulgar and what is considered excessive.
    If you are unsure of whether or not to say it, don't say it.

    3. Disrespecting for Prison/OPFactions:
    Disrespect on prison will not be tolerated.

    Disrespect on OPFactions will be allowed but there will be limits, we feel disrespect/trash talk is part of the Factions game mode.

    4. Do not threaten other players.
    Threatening someone about the server is forbidden. Do not play your luck.
    The punishment is a permanent ban.

    5. Scamming for prison/OPFactions:
    Scamming on Prison is strictly forbidden.

    Scamming in-game items on OPFactions is allowed however scamming items from the store is forbidden.

    6. Do not spam. This includes public chat, messages and commands.
    Spamming the chat is not allowed. Stuff like flooding the chat or repeating the same message multiple times are also not allowed.

    7. Advertising is strictly forbidden, whether it be on our server or other servers. This includes IPs and names.
    Just like we don't appreciate advertising on our servers we don't appreciate our server advertised on other servers. So please refrain from any kind of advertising.
    Advertising is a permanent ban

    8. Hacking/modified game clients are not allowed.

    If you are caught hacking or using modified game clients of any kind you will be banned.
    Using Optifine is fine.
    Hacking is a permanent ban.

    9. Do not accuse others without proof. Report them on the forums.
    Do not accuse someone if you cannot back your accusation up. Take screenshots with F2 (default key) and find them in your '.minecraft' folder in a folder called "screenshots".

    10. Restrain from PvP logging, even if the timer has expired.
    Do not run from the battle. If you were brave enough to go in, be brave enough to finish it.

    11. Do not exploit. Report any bugs or glitches on the forums or to a staff member.
    All found exploits should be reported to staff immediately. Failure to do so will result in a punishment.
    Bigger exploits are a permanent ban.

    12. Do not impersonate other users, celebrities or staff members.
    It's not alright pretending to be someone else, so don't do it. If it's for fun ask for the users permission before impersonating them. This includes phishing.

    13. Inappropriate names and nicknames are not allowed.
    Very rude and disrespectful nicknames are not allowed whatsoever. If you do not follow this rule, you will be asked to change your nick. If you do not do as told, further action may be taken.

    14. Do not encourage spam.
    Saying stuff like, "Say 123 if you like pie" is encouraging spam and it is not allowed. This is a 1 hour mute if you continue to do so.

    15. Do not avoid punishments with an alternative account.
    If you are banned for some reason do not use alternative accounts to avoid that ban. Avoiding a ban will result in a ban on your alt account for the time you have on your main account.

    16. Keep religious discussions to a minimum.
    Do what you can to keep religious discussion to a minimum.

    17. Do not lie to moderators or admins.
    If a moderator asks you something you need to answer truthfully. If you are found out lying you will be punished.

    18. Do not build inappropriate structures.
    Building inappropriate structures on your plot will result in a 1 day ban.

    19. Do not talk about other players punishments.
    Please do not speak of other players punishments. If Bob was banned for hacking, it is not your job to go around telling all your friends about it.

    20. Server hate is a permanent ban.
    If you're unsatisfied with the server, you're very much welcome to leave. You don't need to share your negative opinions about the server to every player, keep in to yourself.

    21. Unfair usage of alternate accounts is not allowed.
    Using alternate accounts ("alts") to provide you with an advantage, such as factions power, rankup crates, etc, is not permitted, and will result in all associated accounts being banned.

    We hope that you follow these rules and don't break them. If something is unclear feel free to message a staff member in-game or on the forums. We will try our best to reply.
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