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UnionMC Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Help' started by Aaron, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Forum Crazy!

    Dec 8, 2014
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    Hello everyone, 95% of the players on UnionMC have used the forums at least twice, but not everyone knows the rules. It's not just the server itself that needs its own rules, but the forums, too.

    1. Do not post multiple versions of a thread you have made.
    2. Do not advertise other servers or websites on our forums. This includes Youtube and Twitch channels.
    3. Use the correct forum categories so everything is kept in the right place.
    4. Do not use inappropriate language or start inappropriate discussions.
    5. Do not post offensive or hateful messages or photos on the forums or in your signature.
    6. Don't be disrespectful anywhere or to anyone on the forums.
    7. Please follow the templates for threads that contain them. (Ban appeals, Player reports etc.)
    8. Do not give unfair ratings on posts.
    9. Do not copy other peoples posts.
    10. Do not frequently bump threads.
    11. Do not double post, use the edit button if you wish to say more.
    12. Do not use all capital letters or letter drag in thread titles.
    13. Do not revive old threads older than one month. (necroposting).
    14. Ban evasion under any form is not permitted.
    15. Rules are subject to change and are not permanent.
    16. Do not accuse anyone of anything without solid evidence.
    17. Moderator decisions are final.
    Not following our rules can result in your post being deleted or your removal from our forums.

    The rules can change at all times and we are not responsible for notifying you. Please keep checking them from time to time.

    If you follow these rules, the players who use our forums, including you, will make UnionMC a fun, enjoyable place.
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